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Milwaukee Building 2 by muggle13 Milwaukee Building 2 :iconmuggle13:muggle13 0 0 Rusty's Old 50 by muggle13 Rusty's Old 50 :iconmuggle13:muggle13 0 0 Light by muggle13 Light :iconmuggle13:muggle13 0 0 Milwaukee Building 1 by muggle13 Milwaukee Building 1 :iconmuggle13:muggle13 0 0 Hogwarts AU Adrian Richter by muggle13 Hogwarts AU Adrian Richter :iconmuggle13:muggle13 1 0 The Sailor by muggle13 The Sailor :iconmuggle13:muggle13 0 0 More, Dreamer fan art. by muggle13 More, Dreamer fan art. :iconmuggle13:muggle13 2 0 My Geeky Health Project by muggle13 My Geeky Health Project :iconmuggle13:muggle13 0 0 Alexander Hamilton by muggle13 Alexander Hamilton :iconmuggle13:muggle13 0 0
The Soloist
The Soloist
When all else is quiet, there is a song.
Great and Powerful.
Beautiful and quiet.
Filling in the gaps,
Calming the constant anxiety,
And Letting me
As I age the song grows with me,
From a simple melody,
The voice of my mother lulling me to sleep.
To a great symphony,
Many voices speaking at once,
Clashing. Harmonizing. Singing.
At times the simple melody is lost,
Covered by the clashing, contrasting voices,
The dark minor chords that refuse to resolve
On a happier note.
Will the clouds ever lift?
Then suddenly warm vibrato
Breaks through the suffocating trumpet blasts,
Enveloping me in a warm hug,
As once again the voice of my mother
Lulls me to sleep.
The dark movement of my life over.
Rich, warm tones and flowing melodies,
Now fill my days.
However, the dark undertones will resurface
From time to time, with increasing ferociousness,
Testing my beginner’s luck on this new journey
As part of the ensemble.
The d
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Fritzi Richter by muggle13 Fritzi Richter :iconmuggle13:muggle13 1 11 Adrian Richter by muggle13 Adrian Richter :iconmuggle13:muggle13 2 0
Blood Ties Epilogue
                                 Blood Ties Epilogue
    With a casual wave of his hand Adrian brushed his bangs out of his face. His dark blue
eyes glanced over the old room of the manor he had bought a few days previous.
    The faded blue paint was peeling off the walls, the gold leaf on the bedpost had tarnished, the glass in the windows was broken, the thick dark purple curtains were tattered, and everything was covered in a thick layer of dust. Walking towards an old desk he slowly took a cast iron key out of his jacket pocket, and almost smiling to himself slowly turned it in the lock. Upon hearing a satisfying 'click' Adrian pulled out the drawer. Sitting on top of the stack of music was a bound book of yellowing parchment.
    The cover was dark blue leather with small silver flowers and the name 'Adrian' embossed on
the cover. When he opened it,Adrian saw small,
:iconmuggle13:muggle13 2 0
Adrian's Lament
Adrians Lament
Ganz allein, verloren in einem Abgrund des Elends,
Ich finde mich, entdecke ich, was ich werden könnte,
Wenn ich nur nicht so der Vogel im Käfig,
Alleine in diesem leeren Haus.
Dennoch blicken regal Porträts unten von dunklen Wänden,
Ihre Mienen bedeuten Elend,
Das ist durchaus Passend für dieses Haus,
Ganz Passend für diese Hölle Ich wohne in.
Ekel ist alles, was ich an diesen Wänden verputzt sehen
Gab es jemals einmal Glück an diesem Ort?
Hat eine Familie, die Liebe zum Ausdruck, schon einmal diese Hallen?
Bin ich der einzige, der für meine Seele kümmert?
Mein Körper, obwohl unsterblich nicht halten kann all dieses Leid,
Mein Verstand konnte unmöglich ertragen so viel Schmerz,
Ich habe gesehen, und ich habe den Tod, eine
Und ich frage mich jetzt, ich konnte nicht, weil mein eigenes?
:iconmuggle13:muggle13 1 0
Blood Ties, The Unexpected Crescendo (Chapter 1) by muggle13 Blood Ties, The Unexpected Crescendo (Chapter 1) :iconmuggle13:muggle13 1 4 You've Got Yourself Haven't You? by muggle13 You've Got Yourself Haven't You? :iconmuggle13:muggle13 1 2


Prussia x Reader - Lost in Leipzig (Chapter Two)
Lost in Leipzig – Chapter Two
Prussia x Reader
The next morning, the alarm clock blared right next to your ear, and you groggily reached over to shut it off. Sitting up, you yawned, opening your eyes and rubbing the tiredness out of them. You weren't used to the major time change yet, and not being able to sleep well – thinking about him – didn't help much, either. Once again, for the millionth time, last night all came rushing back to you, the wonderful memories flashing like pictures in front of your eyes. You could still feel on your cheek where he had kissed you, and the rush that had come with it.
You got up from the bed, walking over to your backpack, which you had lazily thrown on the floor right before you had gone to bed. You unzipped it, and found a pair of clothes that would do for the day.
Sliding your bare feet across the fuzzy gray carpet to the bathroom, you switched on the light and closed the door. The sink was lined with a gleaming, coal-colored
:iconsapcoat:Sapcoat 92 99
Prussia x Reader - Lost in Leipzig
Lost in Leipzig
Prussia x Reader
You walked the clean tiled floors of the Hauptbahnhof Promenaden, supposedly one the best modern shopping locations in Germany, designed with one-hundred forty shops total. You were aimlessly wandering around, clueless as to where you were headed. It had always been your life's dream to go to Germany, and, working for many hard years at a low-wage job back in your home town, you had finally saved up enough money to make your dream finally come true.
It had been great so far – once you had gotten off the train in the Leipzig Central Station, you had stumbled upon the gigantic mall that was housed within the large station. There were so many stores, and it was hard for you to decide which one you wanted to go in first – all of the store fronts were littered with beautiful, eye-catching clothing and various tourist-attracting trinkets.
You were finished shopping (you hadn't actually purchased anything, just browsed), and exited the Central Statio
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Traditional Sketches by Malevolent-Decadence Traditional Sketches :iconmalevolent-decadence:Malevolent-Decadence 5 0 Big4 Valentine Day 2014 by shinjuco Big4 Valentine Day 2014 :iconshinjuco:shinjuco 191 86 wink wink nudge *SPOILERS* by shadowpiratemonkey7 wink wink nudge *SPOILERS* :iconshadowpiratemonkey7:shadowpiratemonkey7 170 33 I don't know what to call this but SPOILERS AGAIN by shadowpiratemonkey7 I don't know what to call this but SPOILERS AGAIN :iconshadowpiratemonkey7:shadowpiratemonkey7 186 17 percy no *SPOILERS* by shadowpiratemonkey7 percy no *SPOILERS* :iconshadowpiratemonkey7:shadowpiratemonkey7 147 40 Leviathan tattoo design [WIP] by AlviaAlcedo Leviathan tattoo design [WIP] :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 3,312 109 What a Nerd by sjsaberfan What a Nerd :iconsjsaberfan:sjsaberfan 186 14 Exercises - poses chart by AonikaArt Exercises - poses chart :iconaonikaart:AonikaArt 20,879 504 Night Flight by IrenHorrors Night Flight :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 624 48 Jumbo Hair Palettes Chart by StarshipSorceress Jumbo Hair Palettes Chart :iconstarshipsorceress:StarshipSorceress 8,206 324 Colour Palettes no.2 by Striped-Tie Colour Palettes no.2 :iconstriped-tie:Striped-Tie 2,875 18 Colour Palettes No. 1 by Striped-Tie Colour Palettes No. 1 :iconstriped-tie:Striped-Tie 3,758 42 How To Color Lips -Tutorial- by Lavah How To Color Lips -Tutorial- :iconlavah:Lavah 3,139 274 How to-Digital Stained Glass by Checkered-Fedora How to-Digital Stained Glass :iconcheckered-fedora:Checkered-Fedora 984 85



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u no need 2 know this
must figure out how to get gifs in here anyone care to help me?
Ugh, well so is Lightroom, but that's besides the point.



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